NCC Vows to Deliver Quality and Affordable Internet Services, Responding to Public Concerns

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Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), has pledged the Commission’s commitment to providing Nigerians with quality and cost-effective internet services.

Dr. Maida made this assurance through his social media platform on Wednesday in response to a user’s tweet. The user, known as “Randy Peter” but also identified as Peter Akah, expressed his frustration with the high cost of data and the subpar service provided by internet service providers.

In his video post, Peter Akah, a comedian and entertainer, emphasized the growing importance of data in the lives of average Nigerians, referring to it as an “essential commodity.” He called on the government to engage with telecommunications industry stakeholders to address the issue, ensuring that citizens receive value for their data subscriptions.

Responding to Peter Akah’s concerns, Dr. Aminu Maida clarified that the NCC’s primary mandate is to ensure the quality of internet services and that consumers receive value for their money.

“Mr. Peter, we understand your frustrations regarding data costs. At the NCC, our mission is to ensure that consumers, like you, not only receive quality service but also access affordable internet services,” Dr. Maida emphasized.

Furthermore, he assured Nigerians that the NCC would thoroughly investigate this issue, with the aim of ensuring fair pricing for data and an overall improvement in the quality of internet services.

“We are actively addressing this,” Dr. Maida affirmed. “You can be confident that Nigerians will pay reasonable prices for data and experience enhanced internet service quality.”

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