…Set To Deploy Revenue Assurance Solutions The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is unwavering in its commitment to deploy a Revenue Assurance Solution (RAS) in the telecommunication sector to ensure a more robust Annual Operating Levy (AOL) administration in the telecom industry. This subject matter was the focus of an industry […]

Sponsored prototypes showcased The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has put the Federal Government’s push to encourage indigenous innovative technology in Nigeria’s telecommunications sector into action. The NCC demonstrated this by hosting the first prototype and research exposition, which featured no less than ten prototypes resulting from its sponsored Telecommunications-Based Research […]

The Nigerian Communications Commission’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) has found new dangerous software that steals Android users’ banking app login information. According to a security bulletin from the NCC CSIRT, the malicious software known as “Xenomorph,” which has been discovered to target 56 European financial institutions, has a […]