Tragedy Unfolds: Man Brutally Murders His Two Nieces in Ogun Bush

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Governorship resultsReportedly, a man named Taye Agbaje is alleged to have murdered his younger brother’s two children in a wooded area in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State. The incident occurred on August 6th, when Taye visited his sibling’s residence in Kemta Abata, Abeokuta. He took the two young girls with him on his motorcycle and subsequently ended their lives using a machete.

Idowu Agbaje, the father of the deceased children, was not present at home when Taye took the girls. Upon returning home in the evening and discovering their absence, Idowu began to search for them. Local community members informed him that they had seen the two girls on Taye’s motorcycle earlier that day.

The residents of Kemta Abata were deeply shocked by the tragedy, as Taye was not known to be a resident of the community. A community source, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that Taye is currently in police custody.

In a video that has gone viral, Idowu Agbaje admitted to using a machete to kill his two nieces, Promise (nine years old) and her younger sister Testimony (seven years old), within a forested area. He denied that the motive behind the crime was related to money rituals. However, he was unable to provide an explanation for the removal of the girls’ private parts, which were missing from the crime scene.

“When Taye was asked about the whereabouts of the girls, he denied knowing about their whereabouts. Members of the community said they saw him conveying the girls, yet he said he only took them to the market.

“He was taken to Kemta police division, where he later confessed to have killed his nieces. Taye took the police to the bush where he slit his nieces throats and left the bodies.

 “We all saw the bodies where he killed them. Police have evacuated the corpses to the mortuary. Taye did not give any particular reason for his action, he only said the mother of the kids had spiritually taken his glory for her husband. This is very shocking,” a source affirmed.

Confirming the incident, Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer Omolola Odutola termed it an event beyond comprehension. Odutola stated that during police interrogation, the suspect remained unrepentant and persistently ascribed the gruesome act to the influence of Satan.

Odutola stated that “The suspect didn’t give any specific reason why he killed his brother’s children. There was no any sign of remorse. He’s just blaming Satan and that does not exist in law”.

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