NigComSat Partners with INFRATEL AFRICA to Boost Rural Connectivity in Nigeria

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The Nigerian Communications Satellite Ltd (NigComSat) has announced a strategic partnership with INFRATEL AFRICA, a prominent telecom infrastructure service provider, to enhance rural connectivity and bridge the digital divide across Nigeria.

NigComSat revealed the collaboration in a statement signed by its Assistant General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Aisha Bantam, on Thursday. As part of the agreement, NigComSat will provide connectivity to INFRATEL AFRICA’s rural infrastructure project, migrating 100 locations to the NigComSat-1R Ka-band hub platform.

“This collaboration aims to enhance telecom services and expand networks in underserved communities,” the statement said.

Managing Director of NigComSat, Mrs. Jane Egerton-Idehen, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This collaboration is a welcome development for NigComSat, and we are committed to delivering quality services to INFRATEL AFRICA and their customers.”

Egerton-Idehen emphasized the company’s recent infrastructure upgrades to meet global standards and assured INFRATEL AFRICA of NigComSat’s capability and strength in delivering top-notch services. “I have no doubt about the strength and competence of our staff and infrastructure, and we will deliver quality service to you and your customers,” she affirmed.

INFRATEL AFRICA’s mission is to connect unserved and underserved communities to the global digital landscape, promoting inclusivity and digital equality. This partnership aligns with NigComSat’s goals, leveraging its satellite capacity to support businesses and improve connectivity solutions.

The partnership is expected to have a significant impact on Nigeria’s digital economy, supporting the government’s efforts to bridge the digital divide and enhance connectivity in rural areas.

“This partnership is a significant step forward in our efforts to improve rural connectivity and bridge the digital divide,” Egerton-Idehen added. “We are committed to working with INFRATEL AFRICA to deliver quality services and promote digital inclusivity in Nigeria.”

For more updates on this development, follow NigComSat on social media and stay tuned to local news outlets.

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