NIGERIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM: Nigerians Must Save Themselves From Incompetent Law Crooks. ( What is Wrong With Us ? )

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Some Nigerians including my humble self have voiced our displeasure at the re-introduction of the old National Anthem by the government of Nigeria.

This to me and many others is considered a misplaced priority in the face of daunting challenges and the stark reality staring us in the face today in the history of our national life . ” Horrible indicators on the state of governance ” You may wish to call it.

The National Anthem bill which reinstates the previous National Anthem, ” NIGERIA , WE HAIL THEE ” was authorised by President Bola Tinubu, a few days ago in the month of May, 2024, accordingly.
I personally thought it was a prank on Nigerians like many country men and women who questioned this misplaced priority, considering the mirage of problems confronting us today in Nigeria, Is it National Anthem that should be prioritised ?

One time Minister of Education, and Bring Back Our Girls Advocate, Oby Ezekwesili in her comment I read highlighted her thoughts on some serious key governance issues negating and afflicting the nation that need urgent government attention today, which include but not limited to security, infrastructure deficit, depreciation of the Nigerian currency, hunger, inflation, hike in telecoms tariff and energy cost, lose of values and general moral decadence in our society amongst many more. We are all we have . We all Must Collectively Save Ourselves and Nigeria from our inept unethical , incapable , and over pampered lawbreakers masquerading as lawmakers and leaders.

It is high time the citizens of Nigeria understood that the political class is one of the biggest problems and a curse on this Country , Nigeria.

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