Obey Safe Driving Rules or Get Sacked” – LAWMA Boss Warns Truck Drivers

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Dr. Muyiwa Gbadegesin, the Managing Director/CEO of the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), issued a stern warning to truck drivers under the agency’s purview during a recent address at LAWMA’s headquarters in Ijora-Olopa. Emphasizing the paramount importance of safe driving practices, Gbadegesin highlighted a range of infractions that would not be tolerated, including failure to use seat belts, driving under the influence, speeding, and reckless behavior on highways. Additionally, he outlined other unacceptable actions such as overloading, not having proper safety equipment, possessing invalid driver’s licenses, and allowing waste handlers to cling onto moving trucks, all of which pose significant risks of accidents.

Gbadegesin underscored that severe penalties would be implemented for any violations, including dismissal, prosecution, work suspension, salary and allowance forfeiture, and refusal to cover medical expenses in the event of accidents, depending on the seriousness of the offense. He stressed that ensuring the safety of drivers, residents, and all road users is a top priority for LAWMA, and the organization is dedicated to enforcing compliance among its truck drivers to prevent endangerment of lives.

To facilitate swift reporting of reckless driving or hazardous behavior, Gbadegesin announced that each LAWMA waste evacuation truck would prominently display contact numbers for residents to report incidents. He highlighted the importance of community participation in maintaining road safety standards, asserting that by empowering residents to report infractions, collective efforts could foster safer road practices.

Assuring the public of thorough investigations into all reports received, Gbadegesin reiterated LAWMA’s commitment to upholding professionalism in waste management operations and ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for Lagosians. He urged residents to utilize LAWMA’s toll-free numbers or the contact information displayed on waste evacuation trucks to report concerns regarding waste management or driver-related road safety issues.

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