NCC Prioritizes Collaboration and Compliance to Fuel Industry Growth

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Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Chairman of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), emphasized the commission’s commitment to fostering growth within the telecoms industry through enhanced collaboration, compliance, data utilization, and prioritizing quality of experience. This vision was shared during a dedicated media session marking his first 100 days in office, where he elucidated his strategic direction.

Maida underscored the imperative of embracing a data-centric approach, recognizing the contemporary digital landscape. As stewards of the telecoms domain, he stressed the importance of leveraging data to drive informed decision-making, thus steering the industry towards greater efficacy and relevance in the digital era.

“We will be driving the collection of a lot of data from our stakeholders to project the work that we are doing so that we can have a high level of transparency and accountability.

“Compliance is another driver we need to focus on, as a regulator that is empowered by the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA) 2003, we have the power to hold our licensees to their obligations.

 “We have laid down obligations for our licensees to meet and we will ensure they uphold those obligations,” Maida said.

The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) underscored the critical necessity of fostering collaboration across a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, ranging from government bodies and media entities to telecom operators and end-users. Emphasizing a strategic tripartite approach, he delineated the commission’s primary focus on telecom consumers, the industry, and governmental bodies.

Reaffirming the commission’s dedication to catering to the distinct requirements of each stakeholder group, the EVC underscored the paramount importance of delivering a comprehensive Quality of Experience (QoE) to consumers. He articulated the commission’s commitment to enhancing this facet, recognizing it as pivotal to consumer satisfaction.

Maida articulated the commission’s intent to leverage data to empower consumers, facilitating well-informed decision-making and obviating the necessity for multiple SIM devices. Furthermore, he elucidated plans for collaborative efforts with licensees aimed at ameliorating data tariffs, speeds, and coverage, with a concerted effort towards fostering simplified and transparent pricing structures.

Addressing a common oversight among consumers regarding increased data consumption attributable to advanced features such as enhanced data tolerance and superior camera capabilities in phones, Maida asserted the commission’s regulatory role in mitigating prevalent consumer grievances and devising effective remedies to address these concerns.

“Also, we want to formulate a policy to ensure that any line used to carry out fraud, the owner of that line will be prosecuted. So, if you are not using a particular line, it is advisable you block it,” Maida said.

The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) affirmed that the commission is currently engaged in a comprehensive review of operational standards applicable to licensees. He emphasized the overarching objective of instituting upgraded standards that conform to international benchmarks, with a particular emphasis on augmenting corporate governance frameworks within the industry.

“We are going to be doing a lot of advocacy in the area of pushing the telecoms industry as a critical national infrastructure.

“On the right of way charges, we are working with states government to either waive the RoW charges or stick to the N145/linear charge. We are also engaging states on the issue of multiple taxation,” he said.

Maida indicated that the commission is poised to synchronize its objectives with the minister’s blueprint, underscoring the commission’s overarching policy directive to bolster industry growth by augmenting its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“NCC is also focusing on job creation, especially for our youth, and facilitation of cross industries collaboration. We are going to enable other industries to innovate and grow,” he said.

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