Nigeria’s New Security Agenda: Special Intervention Squad Making Strides Against Crime

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In the pursuit of national development and security, Nigeria has embarked on a transformative journey that recognizes security as not just the absence of war, but the comprehensive well-being of its citizens. Embracing the principles of ‘The New Security Agenda,’ which encompasses human security, environmental security, economic security, and political security, Nigeria is taking proactive measures to address its security challenges and enhance its resilience.

Security, a crucial component of development, has propelled Nigeria to the forefront of global decisions on security issues, particularly in Africa, owing to its vast geographical, demographic, and resource-based strength.

However, Nigeria has grappled with various security challenges over time, stemming from diverse parameters and the multifaceted nature of human, material, and natural factors. In response, institutions like the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) have intensified efforts to combat crimes and restore stability.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun, Ph.D., NPM, has initiated significant measures to bolster Nigeria’s security architecture. One such initiative is the establishment of a Special Intervention Squad aimed at augmenting existing security structures to tackle rising criminal activities such as kidnapping and banditry.

The Special Intervention Squad, a core vision of the IGP’s administration, was launched in Plateau State on December 29, 2023, following an attack by armed bandits on Mangu, Bokkos, and Barkin Ladi Local Government areas. The squad’s swift action led to the arrest of suspects directly involved in the attack, contributing to the restoration of peace in the affected areas.

Furthermore, the IGP inaugurated a Special Investigation Squad for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on January 17, 2024, to counter the influx of armed criminals and hoodlums into the FCT and its environs. The squad, under the supervision of DIG Operations Ede Ayuba, has been proactive in conducting operations and apprehending criminal elements.

Recent operations by the Special Intervention Squad have yielded significant results. In coordinated efforts with various law enforcement agencies, including the Nigerian Army, the squad successfully rescued kidnapped victims and apprehended suspects across different states.

In one notable operation, the squad intercepted a group of kidnappers transporting a victim to Kano State. Despite resistance from the criminals, the squad’s superior firepower led to the rescue of the victim and the apprehension of several suspects.

In another operation, the squad rescued hostages from a kidnappers’ camp located at the Nasarawa border, demonstrating its commitment to combating crime and ensuring the safety of citizens.

The relentless efforts of the Special Intervention Squad have resulted in the arrest of numerous suspects involved in kidnapping, cultism, gun running, and armed robbery. Seizures of illicit weapons and other incriminating items have further disrupted criminal networks operating in the FCT and its environs.

The establishment of the Special Intervention Squad reflects Nigeria’s commitment to embracing a new security agenda that prioritizes proactive measures and collaborative efforts to address complex security challenges. As Nigeria navigates these challenges, collective responsibility, determination, and unity among security operatives are essential for achieving lasting peace and prosperity.

Moving forward, Nigeria remains steadfast in its resolve to secure a safer and more prosperous future for its citizens, guided by the principles of the new security agenda and the unwavering dedication of law enforcement agencies like the Nigerian Police Force.

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