ALX Partners with Institute of Continuing Legal Education, LSETF, HFM to Empower Tech Careers

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L-r: Adebimpe Odulana, Partnerships Lead, ALX Nigeria; Ufuoma Emonena, Funding and Partnerships Officer, LSETF; Ruby Igwe, Country General Manager, ALX Nigeria; Tobenna Erijokwe, Esq., Member, National Executive Committed, NBA and Seun Babatunde, Country Growth Marketing Manager, ALX Nigeria

ALX Nigeria, a leading tech career accelerator, recently unveiled strategic partnerships with key entities in Lagos, Nigeria. These alliances include the Nigerian Bar Association Institute of Continuing Legal Education, the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), and financial broker, HFM. The announcement was made during a media conference held in Lagos, highlighting a pivotal step towards bridging the gap among professionals in legal, finance, and tech sectors, while stimulating job creation and economic advancement in Nigeria.

Under these collaborations, ALX will offer specialized tech training programs to members of the Nigerian Bar Association nationwide, as well as to all Lagos State residents and beneficiaries of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund. These programs are designed to equip participants with sought-after skills in software development, data science, and Artificial Intelligence Career Essentials (AiCE), empowering them to excel in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Ruby Igwe, Country General Manager of ALX Nigeria, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnerships, emphasizing that they signify a significant stride towards advancing tech education and professional development in Nigeria. She highlighted the collaborative efforts with the Nigerian Bar Association Institute of Continuing Legal Education, the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, and HFM as pivotal in fostering synergy across diverse industries. Igwe underscored the importance of equipping professionals with relevant skills to thrive in the digital economy, thereby contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic growth and job creation endeavors.

 “We are excited to collaborate with the Nigerian Bar Association Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund to unlock new opportunities for individuals looking to transition into high-growth tech careers. By leveraging our expertise in tech education and innovation, we aim to empower professionals across various sectors to embrace digital transformation and drive sustainable economic development,” she stated.

The Institute of Continuing Legal Education warmly welcomed the partnership as a strategic initiative aimed at bolstering the competitiveness of its members in an ever-evolving, technology-driven landscape. Tobenna Erijokwe, Esq., a distinguished member of the National Executive Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association, spoke on behalf of the association, highlighting the significance of the collaboration.

Erijokwe underscored the importance of equipping legal professionals with contemporary tech skills to effectively navigate the complexities of modern legal practice. The partnership with ALX Nigeria represents a proactive step towards empowering legal practitioners to adapt and thrive in an increasingly digitalized world, ultimately enhancing the quality of legal services and advancing the legal profession in Nigeria.

 “The legal profession is evolving, and it is crucial for our members to adapt to the demands of the digital age. Through this partnership with ALX, we are equipping our members with the necessary skills to navigate emerging legal tech trends and remain at the forefront of innovation in the legal industry,” he noted.

Likewise, the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) views this collaboration as a pivotal driver for nurturing entrepreneurship and generating employment prospects for Lagosians. Ufuoma Emonena, serving as the Funding & Partnerships Officer at LSETF, conveyed the sentiments of the Director of Partnerships, highlighting the significance of the endeavor.

 “At LSETF, we are committed to supporting initiatives that promote skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development. Partnering with ALX will enable us to upskill our beneficiaries and prepare them for the vast opportunities available in the tech sector, ultimately contributing to the economic prosperity of Lagos State,” she said.

The tech training programs facilitated through these partnerships are slated to commence in the forthcoming months, emphasizing the delivery of practical, hands-on learning experiences tailored to meet the specific requirements of participants. Additionally, ALX boasts a dynamic community of fellows through the ALX Fellowship, while their ALX Ventures community extends support to entrepreneurs. ALX, ICLE, and LSETF express confidence in the positive outcomes these initiatives will yield, empowering individuals to pursue fulfilling careers in technology and contribute to Nigeria’s innovation ecosystem.

ALX Nigeria remains steadfast in its commitment to arming the next generation with the requisite knowledge and skills to excel in the digital sector by offering a diverse array of tech programs and resources.

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