Newlyweds Share Powerful Testimonies on Leaving Traditional Deities for Embracing God at Zion Ministry

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In a powerful display of spiritual awakening, attendees at the Zion Prayer Ministry’s recent program voluntarily renounced occult practices, surrendering charms, occultic rings, and amulets, as they chose to embrace Christianity and give their lives to Christ. Among them was a woman who, convinced of the ineffectiveness of her husband’s deity (Chi), successfully persuaded him to abandon it in favor of the powerful God of Zion.

A newly married woman was joyously celebrated by thousands of attendees during last Sunday’s Fellowship program at Zion Prayer Movement Outreach Ministry (ZPMOM) in Okota, Lagos. The cheers and excitement filled the air as the community gathered to share in the happiness of the newlywed.

“When we have a problem and my husband calls on his Chi, he does not answer him, but when I call on my God, the God of Zion, he answers us”, she said.

The woman shared her journey, explaining that the decision to surrender the family’s deity came after it became apparent that it held no supernatural powers and failed to answer prayers. In stark contrast, she expressed her newfound faith in the God of Zion, praising Him for being responsive to prayers when called upon. Her husband collaborated on this account, producing from his bag a carved deity representing a family goddess he had been mandated to worship.

This couple was not alone in their transformative experience. Numerous others who responded to the altar call by Zion Ministry’s Spiritual Director, Evangelist Ebuka Anozie Obi, shared similar stories of liberation from their past lives of wizardry, occultic practices, and demonic worship. These individuals expressed joy in abandoning practices that had yielded no tangible benefits and eagerly embraced the only true God, attributing their newfound faith to the astonishing testimonies of deliverances and miracles at Zion Prayer Ministry.

Evangelist Ebuka Anozie Obi, in a recent media interview, declared that his greatest joy in the ministry is leading people to salvation. The altar call during the program served as a testament to his commitment, as a wave of individuals took the courageous step of surrendering their former lives and affiliations to join the growing community of believers at Zion Prayer Ministry.

“What gives me joy is seeing miracles that God is doing and people giving their lives to Christ. What I like is that God has chosen me out of nothing. I enjoy His anointing and presence in my life. I enjoy people; youths, giving their lives to Christ. I don’t compromise the word of God. It is meant for provocation. You must not like it when we preach. A young man in prison for yahoo yahoo was released after prophecy came. And he has given his life to Christ; I hugged him on the Altar yesterday. That gives me joy,” Evangelist Ebuka Anozie Obi explained.

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