Mohbad’s Widow Urges DNA Test for Son Amid Threats

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Wunmi, the widow of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, has made a heartfelt plea for assistance as she faces threats and pressure regarding the paternity of her son, Liam. The widow has urged Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, to obtain a court order for a DNA test to determine the true lineage of her child.

The controversy surrounding the paternity of Liam has been escalating, with calls from both Mohbad’s father and concerned individuals for a DNA test to be conducted. Wunmi had previously expressed her willingness to undergo the test, insisting it to be done both in Nigeria and abroad.

Taking to Instagram, Wunmi shared her distress, revealing that she and Liam are facing threats and oppression. She questioned why she and her son were being targeted, pleading for the support of Nigerians in their time of need.

Wunmi disclosed that Mohbad’s father had pressured them to have a child, citing divine intervention. She expressed confusion over his sudden insistence on a DNA test, emphasizing her readiness to undergo the procedure and challenging her father-in-law to seek a court order.

As the situation unfolds, Wunmi’s cry for help echoes through social media, calling on the public to stand with her against the challenges she and Liam are facing. The unfolding drama surrounding Mohbad’s legacy and the paternity of his son continues to captivate the attention of many.

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