Watch Testimonies Of Instant Miracles At Zion Ministry’s Odieshi 2023

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The 2023 Odieshi end-of-year religious programme, organized by the Evangelist Ebuka Obi-led Zion Prayer Movement Outreach Ministry (ZPMOM), ended on December 10.

Just before the programme kicked off, the Spiritual Director of Zion, Evangelist Ebuka, had promised a “harvest of miracles, healings, deliverance, and salvation of souls”.   But even then, not everyone at Zion Prayer Ground or those who watched online were prepared for the magnitude of what they witnessed.

As if they were watching a movie scene, the audience was regaled with testimonies of miracles and healing of different ailments. But they were real as day! Particularly outstanding were the stories of people who received instant healing during Odieshi prayers.

On the first day, a Catholic nun, Reverend Sister Juliana Eligwe, from Uzuakoli, Abia State, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada, and who had a knee problem following an accident she had three years ago was among those who testified to instant healing. She had since the accident depended on wheelchair and walking stick to move about. She was advised by her doctor in Canada to go for a knee replacement surgery, “This year, I told my doctor I am going for Odieshi to receive my healing and that when I come back, you will see me without my cane”, she said, raising up her walking stick. “So when I set my foot here on Zion ground, I prayed to God that today is the last day I will use this. I believed that God of Zion will heal me. Now I can walk, I can jump”, she declared, jumping up and down on the Zion altar.

 A similar situation was that of Mrs Ijeoma Chukwuike from Agwu, Enugu State, who had been using a walking stick for the past twelve years. “I was advised to go to India for hip replacement surgery and for the past twelve years, I have not been able to stand or walk or move about without help. I said I don’t have money for surgery and that I will come here for my healing. Now I have been  healed.”

Mrs Nnamani Bridget from Isi Uzo Local Government Area in Enugu State, was overwhelmed by the healing of her son who was mysteriously crippled over a year ago. “This is my son, Nnamani Jerome. On 18th of June, 2022, we woke up in the morning and he could not stand up again, we went to different hospitals and after all the tests and scans, nothing was detected. I was introduced to this ministry by a friend and I started coming and praying for God to heal my son.” She narrated how Ebuka located his son during one of his Sunday ministrations on Zion’s ground and prayed for the boy. After the prayer, he declared, “Watch the face of this boy, the mum will bring him back walking”. The video of the encounter was replayed for the audience at Odieshi as little Jerome jumped up to confirm he had been completely healed.

Watch some of the testimonies in the video below:

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