Intelligence: Computer CPU Versus Human CPU

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As the Central Processing Unit, (CPU) serves as the brain of the computer, so the human brain serves as the CPU of every human being.

What does the CPU do in a  computer?

  1. It controls itself and the operation of all other parts of the Computer such as the motherboard, graphics processing unit (video card), Random Access memory & the Hard Disk.
  2. It also controls all the input and output devices connected to the computer.

The input devices include: keyboard, mouse, scanner, barcode reader, etc while d output devices included monitor, printer, plotter etc.

This means that the CPU has a control unit within itself.

  1. It stores, processes & retrieve data when required.

This means that the CPU has memory or storage cells within itself where it keeps all data.

  1. The CPU dispenses instructions to all d various parts of d Computer including the input & output devices.
  2. The CPU also carry out logical operations like calculations.

This means that d CPU has a Calculation unit called Arithmetic Logic Unit.

In the case of the human brain which represents the human mind, it also perform all those 5 basic functions but in addition, has   units responsible for humans emotional and instincts. These I call human emotion unit & instinct unit.

Even though Computers may not be able to achieve these extra units, it has been able to bring a speed of calculation, precision of action and impartiality of functions to its operations and they are all for the benefit of humanity.

This is the basis of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence that is gradually interrupting the way we do things as humans.

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