Alex Unusual Speaks Out Amid Scandal: “I’ll Take the High Road on My Own Terms”

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In the latest swirl of gossip and drama, Alex Unusual has made a sensational return to social media, addressing the salacious rumors that have been swirling around her and comedian AY Makun. The reality TV star, who had taken a brief hiatus, posted a video on Instagram highlighting the flood of negative comments she’s received. Her message was clear and defiant: “I’ll take the high road on my own terms,”Alex said.

AY Makun himself added a provocative comment that sent shockwaves through the internet.

“Above all. Please don’t do anything to my baby that you are carrying. We must entertain all the jobless people on social media,” he wrote, leaving fans and followers in a frenzy.

His comment, dripping with sarcasm and controversy, elicited a barrage of reactions from Instagram users.

One user chimed in with, “Yes sir she should keep it well, what a comment sir I salute you, you are so wise.”

Another couldn’t contain their laughter: “Laugh wan wound me. Good job sir and congratulations in advance. A lot of Nigerians need orientation in this space called ‘shosho’ media.”

The background to this social media spectacle is nothing short of a soap opera. Gossip blogs have been on fire with claims that Alex Unusual is at the heart of the marital breakdown between AY and his estranged wife, Mabel Makun. The couple’s separation, confirmed in April 2024, followed a slew of rumors that Mabel left their home due to AY’s infidelities, which allegedly resulted in several infections for Mabel.

Adding more spice to the saga are whispers that Alex Unusual might be expecting AY’s child. This explosive claim, seemingly hinted at in AY’s comment, had led Alex to temporarily retreat from the public eye.

Now, with her return, Alex Unusual appears ready to face the gossip head-on. Her defiant Instagram post suggests she’s prepared to rise above the scandal, taking control of her narrative and setting her own terms.

As this drama unfolds, the question remains: Is there any truth to these rumors, or is it all just a product of overactive imaginations? One thing is for sure—Alex Unusual’s return has only heightened the intrigue, and all eyes will be on her as this story continues to develop.

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