NCC Funded Nigerian University Research Makes Major Breakthrough in 5G Technology Deployment

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The Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Nigeria has achieved a breakthrough in 5G technology development. Through the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, and with support from the Nigerian Communications Commission, they’ve devised innovative methods to enhance the spectral efficiency of 5G networks.

Their research, titled “The Development of a User-Centric Based Clustering Scheme and Spatial Resource Allocation Technique for Mitigation of Interference in 5G Networks,” focuses on increasing the spectral efficiency of 5G networks by augmenting the number of antenna elements in base stations and optimizing resource allocation to mitigate interference.

Key findings include identifying a theoretical minimum achievable spectral efficiency of 30 bits/s/Hz under specific conditions and recognizing the challenges posed by inter-cell interference in 5G deployment.

The research team, led by Engr. Obinna Oguejiofor, emphasizes the potential of 5G networks to outperform previous generations in terms of data rate, quality of experience, spectral efficiency, and energy efficiency.

Their approach involves a user-centric clustering scheme to determine optimal base station configurations and a dynamic resource allocation algorithm to mitigate inter-cell interference. They validated their methods using software-defined radio and other techniques.

The team anticipates that their results will significantly enhance user experience, particularly for users at cell edges, and improve overall spectral efficiency, benefiting both network service providers and subscribers.


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