Nigerian Fuji Star Responds to Accusations of Mistreatment by Former Drummer

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Nigerian Fuji music legend, King Wasiu Ayinde, popularly known as Kwam1 or K1, has broken his silence in response to the allegations made by his former drummer, Kunle Ayanlowo, regarding mistreatment and a strained working relationship.

Recall that in an interview recently, Kunle Ayanlowo shared harrowing accounts of his time working with Kwam1, accusing the singer of oppressive behavior akin to that of a master and a slave. Kunle alleged that Kwam1 would confiscate their passports during travels and recounted an incident where he was denied medical attention.

Expressing concerns about his health, Kunle attributed his ongoing issues to the stress endured while under Kwam1’s employment and vowed to hold the singer accountable for any adverse outcomes.

Having dedicated 32 years of service to Kwam1, Kunle lamented a lack of personal achievements and described living in constant fear, shedding light on a stark contrast between Kwam1’s public image and his private conduct.

In response, Kwam1 took to Instagram to refute the accusations, advising Kunle to refrain from spreading falsehoods and cautioning against associating with deceitful individuals. The music icon asserted that he had supported Kunle when he had nothing and emphasized the detrimental effects of dishonesty.

In a direct message to his detractors, Kwam1 proclaimed, “Liars and naysayers get away from me, stop lying. Trying to damage the reputation that raised you when you were a nobody. Disassociate from liars, you have nothing to gain from them.”

The exchange between Kwam1 and Kunle has sparked public interest, shedding light on the complexities within the music industry and the dynamics between artists and their supporting team members.

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