Nigerian Social Critic Reno Omokri Raises Concerns About Visa Policies Impacting Marriage Crisis Among Unmarried Women

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In a recent statement, renowned Nigerian social critic Reno Omokri has expressed his belief that the visa policies of various nations could potentially lead to a marriage crisis among unmarried women in Nigeria. Omokri highlighted what he referred to as the “Industrial Money Obtainer culture” among Nigerian women, particularly those in the southern region, criticizing their money-loving habits.

Omokri pointed out that Nigerian men, when traveling abroad and encountering women of different races, often do not look back at Nigerian women. He cited the example of gospel musician Moses Bliss’ marriage to a Ghanaian woman, stating that it did not surprise him as he believes Ghanaian women are easier to relate to compared to many Southern Nigerian women.

Taking to his Twitter account, Omokri emphasized the need for a cultural reorientation among Nigerian women, especially in the southern region, where he observed a high level of commercialization of romance. He noted that Nigerian men are highly regarded by women from countries like South Africa and Kenya, who are perceived as less money-conscious.

Omokri’s comments have sparked a debate on the monetization of relationships in Southern Nigeria, with calls for a shift in cultural norms to address the perceived suffocating nature of the current dating landscape.

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