Here Are Six Ways For 2024 Users To Earn Money Using The Palmpay App

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The booming digital banking sector in Nigeria is a great place to look if you need an extra source of income. PalmPay is the most gratifying fintech to work with, thus you’ll find the ideal business opportunity there.

Leading fintech company PalmPay is dedicated to promoting economic emancipation in Africa by providing premium services including bill payment, credit services, money transfers, and savings through its mobile money agents and app.

With over 30 million users and 1.1 million businesses, including 600,000 merchants and 500,000 agents, as part of its cashless payment ecosystem, PalmPay is a perfect platform for those looking to make money in the digital banking space.

One major reason why PalmPay stands out among other competing brands is that its users can send and receive money seamlessly, pay bills effortlessly, and shop with ease, all while earning discounts and cashback while performing these tasks. In Nigeria’s fintech space, no other brand has these financial offerings except PalmPay.

This article covers the top five most popular features of the PalmPay app that anyone can use to make money from referrals, betting, cashback and discounts, sales, and a distinctive financial offering by PalmPay called Trial Cash.

Refer & Earn

PalmPay’s Refer and Earn feature is a perfect marriage between your contact list and the app’s innovative financial payment offerings. Inviting people you know to register on the PalmPay app and transact can earn you extra money.

How does it work? When you invite anyone on your contact list using your invite link on the app dashboard, PalmPay pays you for every successful download of the app and transaction that your invites go ahead to make through your referral link.

A fee of N250 is paid to you for every successful referral. You’ll then need to complete five referrals to be eligible to withdraw from your PalmPay wallet for spending as little as N2,000 and as much as you can earn through successful referrals.

Sports Betting

There are several ways to fund your sports betting account, but none comes close to using PalmPay. The app is integrated with major sports betting apps such as Bet9ja, BetKing, SportyBet, iLotBet, and so on. You’ll be getting safety bonuses, no extra fees, ease of use, and many more incentives.

When you fund your betting wallet through PalmPay’s user-friendly interface, there are no unexpected charges. PalmPay does not charge you an additional fee; instead, every penny that you deposit into your wallet goes towards your bets.

Also, you don’t only get the special bonuses and promotions that the major betting apps offer to PalmPay users, but you can rest assured that your funds are secured, courtesy of PalmPay’s advanced encryption and fraud prevention systems.

Airtime to Cash

You will agree that converting airtime to cash to earn money is an interesting idea. Do you remember back then when you bought more airtime than you needed and didn’t know what to do with the extra airtime? This feature erases that dilemma.

This feature, the first of its kind by a digital payment platform, enables PalmPay users to convert airtime to cash at ease, following just a few simple steps, after which the money equivalent is credited to their PalmPay wallet for onward spending.

As a PalmPay user, should you ever have extra airtime that you do not intend to use and want cash in exchange, all you have to do is click on the Recharge2Cash icon on the app, select the SIM network, enter the OTP sent to your phone, then select the amount you want to convert to cash and finally click on convert.

Cashback & Discounts

PalmPay is big on cashback and discounts. You get rewarded coupons or PalmPoints for almost every transaction on the app, from electricity, airtime and data to cable TV subscriptions. The cashback and discounts are respent on the app.

The cashback and discounts apply for the first five bill payments that you make in a month and range from 15 PalmPoints for your first airtime recharge of N100 to a 2% bonus in PalmPoints when you pay for Cable TV and electricity.

PalmPay offers new users various coupons for them to get cashback and discounts on the bouquet of services available on the app. PalmPay users have the privilege of paying less than the market value for the numerous services on the app.

In-app Promotions

Periodically, PalmPay rewards users with various in-app promotions which involve the users undergoing activities. One such is the ongoing 2023 AFCON tournament which PalmPay is partnering with TECNO, StarTimes and Bet9ja. Users who take part in the PalmPay AFCON Soccer Fiesta stand a chance to share N108 million and win free StarTimes subscriptions, betting coupons and loads of cashback.

Ready to kick off the excitement and make money doing so? Open your PalmPay app now and dive into the AFCON Soccer Fiesta for a chance to win big!

Trial Cash

Another first of its kind by any digital payment platform, the Trial Cash is a distinctive reward designed to let you explore the benefits of the app’s flexible savings feature. As with most PalmPay features, this comes with exciting rewards.

The PalmPay Trial Cash is not real money, however, users of the app are rewarded with a spendable daily interest of 16 per cent per annum sent into their wallet, which they can then go ahead and use to perform different transactions on the app.

Users can earn Trial Cash by completing daily tasks on the app such as transferring to a PalmPay wallet or adding money to their wallet from their bank account or agent.


If your plan is not only to spend money in 2024 but also to make money, there’s no reason why you should use any other digital payment platform for your transactions. PalmPay offers you incentives that no other platform does.

Not already using PalmPay for your daily transactions? Go ahead and download the app, follow the CBN KYC directive to update the app with your BVN and or NIN, and continue to perform transactions and make good money while doing so.

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