Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu Becomes First Northern President of Nigeria Computer Society

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Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu has made history by becoming the first individual from the Northern region of Nigeria to be elected as the President of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). Techeconomy has reported that he has been chosen as the fifteenth President of NCS, a prestigious achievement. The information obtained by Techeconomy indicates that Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu’s election was unopposed, showcasing the strong support he garnered.

This significant election marks a turning point, as Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu is the inaugural candidate from the Northern region to hold the position of President within the esteemed 45-year-old institution, the Nigeria Computer Society. The NCS functions as the overarching body that brings together Information Technology Professionals, Interest Groups, and Stakeholders from all across Nigeria.

Originally established in 1978 under the name Computer Association of Nigeria (COAN), the organization underwent a transformation in 2002, evolving into the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) through a harmonization process with various other stakeholders and interest groups. The NCS is recognized as the national hub that propels the advancement of Information Technology Science and Practice within Nigeria.

Prior to his election as President, Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu served as the Deputy to the previous President, Prof. Adesina Sodiya. This demonstrates his valuable experience and dedication within the organization.

Additionally, the role of Deputy President of NCS has been assumed by Dr. Charles Onyeukwu, who previously held the position of Chairman of the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee of NCS.

These remarkable elections unfolded as part of the activities during the Nigeria Computer Society International conference titled “Communications and e-Systems for Economic Stability (CeSES 2023).” The conference took place at the Event Place, situated on Murtala Mohammed Way, Federal Low Cost Bypass in Bauchi, commencing from Tuesday, August 8 to Thursday, August 10, 2023.

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