Jiji empowers SMEs

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Jiji, Nigeria’s online marketplace, said it remained committed to empowering SMEs to maximise their resources, increase sales, and grow their businesses across the country.

In a statement, the firm stated that it had resolved to enable small businesses to reach their prospective customers without having to pay commissions on the sales they make.

According to the online market, giving SMEs access to a large market without any cost would support local businesses and help them thrive despite the adverse economic climate.

It added that the challenges facing SMEs could be surmounted through its unique features and commitment to fostering direct connections between businesses and customers.

“Our platform will enable small and medium enterprises to reach out to a wide range of customers without having to pay a dime as commission,” it noted.

“Jiji is empowering entrepreneurs to maximise their resources, increase sales, and grow their businesses,” it claimed.

According to the firm, this allows business owners to retain more of their profits and reinvest in their operations, providing much-needed relief during times of high inflation.

“The organisation prioritises building strong relationships between businesses and customers. By enabling potential customers to contact businesses directly through in-platform features like voice calls, messenger with chat boxes, and WhatsApp integration, Jiji facilitates seamless communication and negotiation, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

“Jiji serves as a platform for direct interaction between businesses and customers. No intermediaries or middlemen are involved, allowing business owners to have full control over their sales process and build trust with their clientele. This transparency fosters long-term relationships and repeat business,” the statement read further.

The Director of African Operations at Jiji, Yuliy Shenfeld, said: “I am proud to lead a platform that empowers small and medium-scale businesses during these challenging times of high inflation. Our commitment to providing a commission-free platform, coupled with our focus on building strong customer relationships, enables entrepreneurs to flourish and succeed despite economic headwinds.

“With our strategic partnerships on the horizon, we look forward to enhancing our support and impact on the growth of businesses across the country.”

According to him, Jiji allows businesses to include links to their websites or social media pages on their profiles, enabling customers to learn more about their brand and explore their online presence.

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