Globacom has Launched “Glo Outsource Pro” to facilitate the growth of businesses.

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Globacom recently unveiled “Glo Outsource Pro,” an innovative outsourcing product designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporate entities in concentrating on their primary functions, thereby boosting productivity.

According to a press release by the company, Glo Outsource Pro offers a strategic business solution enabling firms to delegate non-core operations effectively. Industries such as banking, energy, oil and gas, FMCG, manufacturing, distribution, utilities, internet service providers (ISPs), logistics firms, MSMEs, among others, stand to benefit from this service. By redirecting focus to core competencies, businesses can anticipate improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and elevated customer satisfaction levels.

“Glo Outsource Pro enables companies to delegate specific operational activities, such as customer support, finance and accounting, IT services, human resources, and supply chain management to Globacom which leverages its expertise, technology, and economies of scale to optimize processes and deliver high-quality results that will impact positively on their operations”, the telecommunications giant said.
Globacom added that “with Glo Outsource Pro, organizations are able to contract out their inbound and outbound call centre activities, inbound technical helpdesk, social media management, data mining for planning purposes and general back office support. It will also help them in the areas of teleprospecting, customer campaigns/onboarding, retention campaigns, collections, sales campaigns, etc”.

Additionally, Globacom affirmed that the service aims to aid companies in optimizing cost-effectiveness, enhancing productivity, and increasing market effectiveness by managing certain non-core aspects of their operations, thus enabling them to prioritize their core activities.

This new business management offering is intended to reinforce Globacom’s reputation as the premier provider of value and innovative solutions for businesses across diverse levels. It seeks to unleash their full potential while facilitating cost savings, operational excellence, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. In addition to these benefits, “Glo Outsource Pro” will also facilitate technology upgrades, foster competitive advantages, and elevate effectiveness in the marketplace.

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