Guinness World Record Holder Hilda Baci and Social Media Influencer Enioluwa Collaborate to Donate 5000 Books to Empower Youths

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In an unprecedented collaboration, the worlds of culinary excellence and social media influence have come together to create a profound impact on the younger generation.

Hilda Baci, a respected chef and Guinness World Record holder, has teamed up with the popular social media influencer, Enioluwa, on a compassionate mission to enrich the lives of youths through the invaluable gift of knowledge.

Their ambitious endeavor involves the donation of a remarkable 5000 books, which they plan to distribute among underprivileged youths and communities with limited access to educational resources. With an unwavering dedication to empowering the next generation, this dynamic duo is driven by the vision of fostering a strong reading culture that paves the way to countless opportunities.

Hilda Baci has expressed her fervent commitment to empowering youths beyond the boundaries of the kitchen.

In a statement, she remarked, “As a chef, I know the immense power of knowledge and learning. I am thrilled to join hands with Enioluwa in this endeavor to inspire young minds through the magic of books.”

Enioluwa expressed his enthusiasm for Hilda’s involvement in the project in an Instagram comment, underlining their shared goal of nurturing a love for reading among young individuals. Their joint efforts are geared towards ensuring that no excuses hinder access to valuable knowledge and learning opportunities.

 “Excited to be doing this with you, B! Our goal is simple, to encourage young people to read more, either through digital or hard-copy books!”, he said.

In July, he urged his followers on LinkedIn to read two books, one chapter at a time, to foster discipline and intellectual growth. Enioluwa himself has been proactive in providing copies of the selected books to empower young readers.

 “I launched a new campaign #WhenWeRead to encourage young people to pick up books and read. This month of July, we are reading two books that I am incredibly fascinated by, written by brilliant authors. It’s not easy to read but we have to discipline ourselves, A CHAPTER A DAY. I’ve also gone ahead to purchase copies of each book to give to young people, so there’s no excuse. In This Room. We Read! Because you cannot know what you do not learn about, “ he wrote.

The donation of 5000 books is a diverse collection, ranging from timeless literary classics to contemporary works in various genres. This ensures that each book resonates with the unique interests of the recipients, sparking a love for reading and knowledge among them.

Their combined efforts have garnered tremendous support from their respective fan bases, fellow influencers, and numerous organizations that recognize the transformative power of literacy. As the campaign gains momentum, Hilda Baci and Enioluwa aspire to set a precedent for future collaborations, harnessing the influence of public figures to drive positive societal change.

The impact of this exceptional initiative is not confined to the immediate beneficiaries; it has the potential to extend far beyond, acting as a catalyst for personal growth, creativity, and critical thinking.

Hilda Baci and Enioluwa’s partnership serves as a powerful reminder that through passion, dedication, and cooperation, individuals from different domains can unite to create a lasting and meaningful impact in the lives of the younger generation.

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