Comedian Abdulgafar Abiola, AKA ‘Cute Abiola,’ Faces Criminal Charges for Contemptuous Act in Police Uniform

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In Nigeria, where citizens have the right to enjoy their fundamental human rights, there are also laws in place to protect institutions such as the police force from derogatory acts and violations of uniform regulations. Recently, comedian Abdulgafar Abiola, known as “Cute Abiola,” came under fire for two skits posted on his social media handles on July 20th and 24th, 2023.

In the skits, Cute Abiola portrayed the police uniform in a highly disrespectful and derogatory manner, a clear violation of Section 251 of the Criminal Code and Section 133 of the Penal Code Law. This conduct has sparked condemnation from various quarters, as it not only offends but also undermines the integrity and dignity of those who wear the police uniform while serving the nation.

Following this incident, authorities are taking the matter seriously. Abdulgafar Abiola will be investigated, and there is a possibility of prosecution for his deliberate actions. The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) had previously issued warnings to skit makers and filmmakers, urging them to refrain from desecrating the police uniform or its accoutrements.

The NPF emphasizes its commitment to upholding the sanctity of the uniform and ensuring accountability for any individual or entity that seeks to bring disrepute to the uniform or the institution it represents. Public trust in the revered law enforcement institutions is of paramount importance, and actions that could erode that trust must be addressed.

In light of this incident, the NPF calls on all members of the public, including media personalities, to exercise their freedom of expression responsibly and refrain from engaging in actions that could tarnish the image of law enforcement agencies. Upholding the law and respecting the symbols of national security are essential for maintaining a stable and respectful society.

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