Don Jazzy Engages Fans in Interactive Session on X, Addresses Marriage and Personal Growth

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Nigerian music producer and singer Don Jazzy captivated his followers in an engaging and heartfelt interactive session on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday. The popular artist responded to various comments and questions from fans, addressing personal topics with his characteristic humor and candor.

One fan’s playful observation about Don Jazzy’s social media presence stated, “Once you open any baddies page on Instagram, the first thing you’ll see is ‘followed by Don Jazzy’. That man is everywhere.” Don Jazzy, renowned for his witty remarks, humorously replied, “I be ashawo na. Na why I never marry?” This light-hearted response elicited widespread amusement among his followers.

Another user posed a more serious question, asking, “But fr @DONJAZZY, why aren’t you married?” In a candid reply, Don Jazzy said, “I dey work on myself. So that when my head correct, my babe go enjoy me.” This revelation resonated with many fans, prompting a series of supportive and encouraging responses.

Fans expressed their admiration and support for Don Jazzy’s focus on self-improvement. One user commented, “We plenty weh dey your back. Make me sef go work on myself asap.”

This interactive session also rekindled memories of Don Jazzy’s earlier revelation in April 2021 about his brief marriage. The producer had disclosed that he was married at the age of 20 to American model Michelle Jackson. However, the marriage ended two years later due to his dedication to his music career. At the time, he shared, “For so long, everyone keeps asking me, when am I getting married? Well, the truth is, almost 18 years ago, I was 20 and I got married to my best friend Michelle @yarnstaswitch, and it was beautiful. I loved love, and I loved marriage. Michelle is soooo beautiful inside and out, with such a soft heart. But then, me being so young and full of dreams, I went and messed it up because I was giving all my time to my music.”

He further elaborated, “Music became a priority instead of my family. We got divorced when I was 22, and it hurt. I am still very much in love with my music, and I wouldn’t want to marry another and mess it up again. So, I’m taking my time.”

Don Jazzy’s openness about his past and his ongoing journey of self-improvement continues to endear him to his fans, who appreciate his honesty and dedication to personal growth.

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