NCC Launches 2-Day Public Inquiry on Key Regulatory Instruments

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has commenced a two-day Public Inquiry into three significant regulatory instruments, reinforcing its commitment to a transparent and inclusive regulatory process. The event, held at the NCC headquarters, welcomed both in-person and virtual participants, emphasizing the Commission’s dedication to broad stakeholder engagement.

Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the NCC, highlighted the importance of the inquiry in his opening remarks.

“Your participation and valuable contributions are crucial in shaping a path forward that benefits all of us,” Dr. Maida stated.

He underscored the NCC’s commitment to promoting an efficient, accessible, and competitive telecommunications industry, emphasizing that the public inquiry is a testament to the Commission’s dedication to transparency and inclusivity.

Dr. Maida detailed the regulatory instruments under review:

  1. Telecommunications Networks Interconnect Regulations: These regulations are vital for enabling seamless communication between different networks. The review aims to keep pace with technological advancements, foster competition, protect consumer interests, align with international standards, and improve regulatory efficiency.
  2. Guidelines on Procedure for Granting Approval to Disconnect Telecommunications Operators: This framework ensures fairness, transparency, and accountability in disconnection procedures, protecting operators from unjustified disconnections and ensuring that contractual obligations are honored.
  3. Guidelines for Dispute Resolution: Effective dispute resolution is essential for maintaining a stable telecommunications ecosystem. The updated guidelines aim to streamline the process, save time, reduce costs, and minimize service disruptions, particularly for small claims, thereby enhancing stakeholder confidence.

Mrs. Chizua Whyte, the Acting Head of the Legal and Regulatory Services Department of the NCC, welcomed participants, stressing the inquiry’s significance in refining the regulatory instruments to address the sector’s evolving challenges.

She noted, “Interconnection fosters service delivery and market cohesion, ensuring operators have fair and non-discriminatory access.”

The NCC’s consultative approach aims to incorporate diverse perspectives from industry stakeholders, ensuring the regulatory framework remains robust and adaptable to technological advancements and market dynamics.

The Public Inquiry marks a crucial step in the NCC’s ongoing efforts to foster innovation, fair competition, and a resilient telecommunications sector in Nigeria. The Commission anticipates that the discussions and feedback from this event will significantly contribute to the future direction of Nigeria’s telecommunications landscape.

The NCC looks forward to a productive inquiry, with the collective input driving the development of a dynamic and inclusive communications industry.

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