Yul Edochie Accuses Late Junior Pope of Repeated Betrayals

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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie recently addressed his absence at the burial of his late colleague, Junior Pope, breaking his silence on the matter. Edochie cited betrayal by the late movie producer as the reason behind his decision.

Taking to his social media platform on Tuesday, Edochie, who also identifies as a pastor, explained why he chose not to attend the burial ceremony of the late actor. He recounted instances of betrayal by Pope and felt compelled to clarify his absence, acknowledging the close bond they shared.

While refraining from divulging specific details of their rift, Edochie pledged to shed more light on the nature of the betrayal he experienced. He assured his followers that he would offer further insight into the circumstances surrounding the perceived betrayal in due time.

He wrote, “I didn’t want to say anything till after his burial. I know many asked why I wasn’t there. Why I haven’t said anything about it since.

“I took him like a brother and good friend. I was there for him when he needed me. But he stabbed me in the back, repeatedly. That’s life!

Edochie cautioned his followers to be mindful of the wishes they extend towards others, as they might inadvertently face similar circumstances themselves. He hinted at revealing the complete story soon to serve as a lesson for others.

“I’ll disclose all the details soon for everyone’s benefit. Watch what you wish upon others; it might just circle back to you,” he emphasized.

However, his statement faced criticism from Nigerians, with many expressing discontent. Some questioned his moral stance, particularly in light of his earlier declaration of being a pastor.

Atuanya Chigozie, an Instagram user, advised Yul Edochie to release the past and move forward. He urged Edochie to let go of any grievances for the sake of progress and longevity, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness.

Bee Signature expressed confusion over the situation, questioning the reason behind the excessive criticism directed towards Edochie.

Official Salma was puzzled by Edochie’s decision not to acknowledge Junior Pope’s death or attend his funeral due to their strained relationship. She expressed disappointment and announced her intention to unfollow Edochie, citing a perceived lack of empathy.

Ben Kingsley questioned Yul Edochie’s pastoral role, expressing surprise at his apparent lack of forgiveness despite his religious position.

Urazie Maureen criticized Edochie for holding onto grudges even in the face of death, contrasting this with his desire for forgiveness from his wife.

Jenidope speculated about Edochie’s marriage, expressing doubt about how his wife, May, could endure his behavior over the years.

Original Lady Chidi brought up Edochie’s past betrayal of his wife, suggesting that he couldn’t handle receiving the same treatment he dished out.

On January 29, Edochie launched his online ministry, True Salvation Ministry, conducting the inaugural church service on his YouTube channel. He shared his spiritual journey, recounting a transformative moment during a near-fatal car accident on the Ore road. This experience led him to dedicate his life to serving God and humanity, marking the beginning of his “second life” distinct from his previous pursuits.

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