MRI Is Increasing Survival Rate Of Women With Breast Cancer- PPC

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PPC Limited, Nigeria’s leading engineering and infrastructure development company with footprints across Nigeria’s healthcare landscape, says that the development of new MRI technologies is improving the survival rate of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Head of Healthcare at PPC Limited, Dr Chikara Nwoke, made this known in Lagos while commenting on the rising cases of cancer in the country.

The breast cancer survival rate refers to the percentage of women who have been living with cancer for at least five years after their diagnosis. Research indicates that 9 out of 10 women are alive 5 years after they have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dr. Nwoke stated that many studies have shown that advances in diagnosing and treating breast cancer have led to a gradual improvement in survival rates.

He added that modern imaging techniques are being effectively used by clinicians not only to improve the identification and targeting of abnormal tissues but also to monitor and control treatments.

According to him, MRI devices are delivering more clinical information that oncologists need for diagnosis, follow-up examinations and treatment.

He said, “A breast cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence for most women in the early stage of the disease, thanks to innovative treatment techniques and cutting-edge devices that make clinical interventions effective.

“MRI has emerged as a powerful diagnostic medical device due to its ability to provide high-resolution imaging of soft tissue and provide a wide range of image contrasts. It is especially useful in accurately defining tumor boundaries, and contributing to the success rate of radiotherapy treatment of cancerous cells and image-guided surgery.

“Advanced MRI technology shortens the time radiologists spend during the scan as it speedily detects abnormal cells, freeing up time for hospitals to attend to other patients. The innovative device is being used by oncologists to monitor the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”

Dr Nwoke advised healthcare facilities to embrace specialised equipment for the management and treatment of breast cancer.

He also advocated for regular screening and early detection of breast tumours in order to increase the survival rate of women with breast cancer.

PPC Healthcare is committed to improving healthcare outcomes through the supply, installation and maintenance of advanced medical equipment for clinical investigation, diagnosis and treatment across healthcare facilities in every state of Nigeria.

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