Benue Government Launches Panel to Conduct Comprehensive Audit of State University

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In a significant move, Governor Hyacinth Alia has officially inaugurated the Benue State University (BSU) Makurdi visitation panel, with Deputy Governor Chief Sam Ode representing him at the ceremony. The panel’s crucial mandate is to conduct an in-depth audit of the institution’s operations spanning from 2016 to the present day.

During the inauguration, Governor Alia urged the panel members to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the allocation and utilization of funds designated for specific projects within the university. Additionally, the panel is entrusted with evaluating the challenges in staff development and assessing the relationship between the university management and stakeholders.

Among its responsibilities, the visitation panel will closely scrutinize the state of physical infrastructure and instructional materials available at the university. Furthermore, they will conduct a thorough examination of student enrollment trends within the given time frame.

Governor Alia emphasized the importance of the panel’s work, urging them to approach their assignment with the utmost diligence, fairness, and transparency. He further called upon the university’s management to extend their full cooperation and support to ensure the panel’s success in fulfilling its mission.

In response, Prof. Gabriel Moti, appointed as the Chairman of the panel, assured that transparency and fairness would be maintained throughout the inquiry process. Prof. Moti also appealed to all stakeholders involved to actively cooperate with the panel, thereby facilitating a comprehensive and objective assessment.

The BSU visitation panel, as disclosed by NAN, comprises distinguished individuals, including Prof. Kwaghkondo Agber, Mr. Peter Igyeigye, Prof. Christie Ekoja, Mr. Sam Yuhwa, Prof. Okpe Okpe, and Mr. Simon Orkuma, serving as the Secretary.

The university community is eagerly awaiting the panel’s findings and recommendations, recognizing their potential to have a significant impact on the future development and growth of Benue State University.

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