NCC Chairman, Professor Akande, Explores Strategies to Manage Data Usage and Minimize Internet Data Depletion

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has addressed the concerns of consumers regarding the rapid depletion of their internet data and provided insights into resolving the issue.

 Speaking at the fifth edition of the NCC Campus Conversation held at the University of Ibadan, NCC Chairman Professor Adeolu Akande acknowledged the frequent complaints received by the commission. He emphasized the need to educate students on effective data management techniques to mitigate data depletion.

Representing the NCC Chairman, Mrs. Afure Iloka, Special Assistant to the Executive Vice-Chairman of NCC, highlighted the purpose of the sensitization exercise conducted by the Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB). The initiative aimed to empower telecommunications consumers with knowledge on managing their internet data efficiently. The event also shed light on NCC’s consumer-centric initiatives, intended to safeguard consumers against unfair practices by service providers.

The NCC Chairman, said “This initiative is consistent with the mandate of the Commission to Protect, Inform and Educate the Nigerian Telecom Consumers.

“One of the mandates of the commission is the ‘Protection of the rights and interests of Consumers’.

“This can only be achieved when consumers are well informed and educated on their rights and obligations as telecom consumers.

“This conversation is also in tandem with the Strategic Management Plan (SMP 2020-2024) of the Executive Vice-Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, which is to improve quality of experience and stakeholders’ satisfaction.

“The conversation strengthens our focus on the protection of the rights, privileges and interests of telecommunications consumers, including people living with disability and the elderly through information dissemination.”

Akande suggested several measures that consumers could adopt to manage their data usage effectively. These included using data compression in phone browsers, disabling mobile data when not in use, and reducing video streaming quality on platforms like YouTube. Mr. Ayanbanji Ojo, Head of Consumers Affairs at NCC, further explained that data depletion could be exacerbated by automatic updates of apps, videos, and pictures to the cloud on smartphones. Additionally, faster download speeds on 4G and higher default video formats such as 5G and 4G compared to 3G and 2G networks could contribute to increased data consumption.

Addressing the audience, Mr. Babagana Digima, Team Lead of the Nigeria Office for Developing Indigenous Telecoms Sectors (NODITS), emphasized the pivotal role Nigerian youths played within the telecom ecosystem. Their contribution and participation were crucial for the development of the sector.

Mrs. Adewole Adeyinka, President of the UI Students Union Government (SUG), commended the NCC for its efforts in raising awareness about data usage and other initiatives aimed at youth development. She appealed to the NCC management to enhance support programs for students, including the provision of laptops and educational materials, to facilitate a seamless academic process.

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